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Natural Solutions LLC: Bob & Edie Gentile -- A healthier life begins with Natural Solutions!
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Bob & Edie 2015


Welcome to our Shaklee site!

We'd like to tell you a little about who we are and how we got started with Shaklee.

Bob has been a Shaklee member since the 70's.  A year or so after we were married, he introduced me to Shaklee, its products & the business. As a retired firefighter/paramedic/fire investigator for the past 33 years, Bob wanted a second business that would be an extension of his career and way of life. But before we could build a business and share Shaklee's products and benefits, we had to incorporate them into our own daily lives.

We have four children between us that keep us very busy. In addition, we are both hypoglycemic. Shaklee's Vitalizer was the logical place to put Shaklee to the test, and it passed! Vitalizer has brought nutritional balance into our lives. It gives us more energy throughout the day to keep up with our growing children and their busy schedules.

Of course, we started them on Shaklee vitamins, too! The kids started with Citriboost in their OJ and as they've gotten older, they now take Vita-Lea & NutriFeron. This has kept them healthy and in school and their grades show it!

We began evaluating other areas where Shaklee would benefit our family as well as help us do our part to protect the environment. The Get Clean line with laundry, kitchen and household cleaning products were next on the list. Removing the toxic cleaners from our home was the best thing we could have done.  No more sinus problems!

In the years since we have incorporated Shaklee into our lives, Shaklee has never disappointed us!

Today we are continuing to build a successful Shaklee business. Shaklee is helping us to realize our dreams of earning a living from home and being available for our kids. We live happier and healthier lives, and have an awesome business for our retirement years.

The best part about this business is helping others achieve their desire for a better lifestyle. We're helping the distributors in our team achieve their goals. This part of our business is priceless, because when one of our team succeeds, it gives us a sense of accomplishment that has no dollar figure.

Bob and I would like to help you find natural solutions to enhance your way of life or help you realize your dreams through your own home-based business!

God Bless.